Emiway Bantai Net Worth 2024, Real Name, Age, Gf

Emiway Bantai, a prominent figure in the Indian music scene, has captured the hearts of millions with his unique style and impactful lyrics. In this article, we delve into various aspects of Emiway Bantai’s life, from his early years to his current stature in the music industry. Beyond his net worth, we explore his real name, age, and the intricacies of his personal life.

Emiway Bantai Net Worth
Emiway Bantai Net Worth

He was also named Artist of all time. Now to the main question – what is Emiway Bantai Net Worth? Well, Emiway Bantai’s estimated net worth is around $9 million as of 2023. His journey from Under freestyle Rapper started. Emiway Bantai started his rap career in 2013.

Who is Emiway Bantai?

Emiway Bantai, born Bilal Shaikh on November 13, 1995, in Bengaluru, India, is a standout figure in the Indian hip-hop scene. His journey in the rap game began in 2013, and over the years, he has carved a niche for himself with a distinctive style and relatable lyrics. Emiway’s rise to prominence can be traced back to his early days, where he showcased his rap skills through freestyles on YouTube, captivating a young and diverse audience.

Known for his laid-back yet impactful style, Emiway Bantai’s realness resonates with people from all walks of life. His discography boasts hit songs like “Machayenge,” “Firse Machayenge,” “Khatam,” “KHATAM HUE WAANDE,” and the recently released “Company.” Each track not only demonstrates his lyrical prowess but also reflects his ability to connect with listeners on a personal level.

The name “Emiway” itself is a fusion of two iconic names in the global hip-hop scene – Eminem and Lil Wayne. The addition of “Bantai” pays homage to the vibrant streets of Bombay, adding a touch of authenticity to his identity. This amalgamation of influences underscores Emiway Bantai’s commitment to staying true to his roots while navigating the ever-evolving landscape of Indian hip-hop.

In a music industry often characterized by glamour and showmanship, Emiway’s down-to-earth talent has set him apart. His journey from sharing freestyles on a digital platform to becoming a bona fide star showcases not just his skill as a rapper but also his ability to resonate with the youth.

Emiway Bantai Net Worth

Emiway Bantai boasts an impressive financial standing, with an estimated net worth of around $9 million, equivalent to approximately 80 Crore in Indian Rupees. A significant contributor to his financial success is his widely popular YouTube channel, which commands a substantial audience of 21 million subscribers.

Net Worth$9 million
Monthly IncomeRs. 60 lakhs
Yearly IncomeRs. 39 crores
WealthRs. 80 crores
Properties Owned and their Valuation
Miscellaneous Assets and their ValuationRs. 20 crores

Emiway Bantai Early Life, family, age and Girlfriend

Emiway Bantai family
Emiway Bantai family

Emiway Bantai’s journey is a narrative of humble beginnings, a testament to his resilience in navigating the complexities of the music industry to carve out a distinctive identity. From his early foray into the music scene to the pivotal moments that propelled his career, each chapter underscores his unwavering dedication and passion.

Born and raised in the vibrant city of Mumbai, Emiway Bantai, whose real name we’ll unveil shortly, displayed an innate love for music from a tender age. His formative years were shaped by a rich tapestry of cultural influences, laying the groundwork for the diverse sound that would come to define his musical prowess. Even in his youth, the aspiring artist harbored dreams of leaving an indelible mark on the music industry.

Emiway Bantai, known as Bilal Shaikh in real life, stands as a luminary in the Indian hip-hop and rap landscape, gaining further prominence through his active presence on YouTube. His rap journey commenced with a deep-seated admiration for global icons like Eminem and Lil Wayne, serving as the inspiration that fueled his artistic aspirations. Born on November 13, 1995, in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India, Emiway’s roots reflect the cultural diversity that enriches his musical creations.

In the embrace of his Muslim family, comprising four members, Emiway shares a familial connection with his brother, V-break, his father, Ibrahim Shaikh, and his mother, Shadaf Shaikh. This support system undoubtedly played a crucial role in shaping the artist’s character and determination to pursue his passion for rap.

As Emiway Bantai matures in age, now standing at 30 years old, his personal life has been a subject of curiosity for fans. While he typically maintains privacy regarding his relationships, speculation has circulated about a possible romantic connection with Swaalina. This speculation is fueled by their joint appearances in Emiway Bantai’s music videos, such as “Firse Machayenge,” “Khatam Hue Waande,” and “Kudi.”

Emiway Bantai’s story is not just about musical success; it’s a narrative of personal growth, cultural richness, and the pursuit of dreams against all odds. As he continues to influence the hip-hop scene in India, his story serves as an inspiration to aspiring artists and a celebration of the diverse tapestry that shapes his artistry.

Emiway Bantai Property and Asset

Emiway Bantai owns a residence in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, where he lives with his family. Additionally, he is the proprietor of “Bantai The Studio” in Mumbai. His collection of vehicles includes a Renault Duster, a Royal Enfield Interceptor 650, and a Hero Splendor. Emiway Bantai serves as a brand ambassador for companies like Realme, a prominent smartphone brand in India. Moreover, he has endorsed various brands, including Altair Clothing. In 2018, Emiway Bantai ventured into the fashion industry by launching his clothing brand, Bantai Merchandise.

Emiway Bantai Top Albums

Emiway Bantai has achieved significant popularity in India, successful albums. Through his music, he opens up about childhood traumas, experiences during his teenage years, and his connection with fans. His impact has earned him the title of being considered one of the best rappers in the india.

1. “Malum Hai Na” (2021)

Emiway Bantai’s album “Malum Hai Na,” dropped on October 1, 2021, comprises 14 songs, totaling a runtime of 42 minutes. A”Malum Hai Na” means “You Know, Right?” in English. It’s a common phrase in Hindi, used to check if someone understands. In Emiway Bantai’s album title, it feels like he’s having a friendly chat, making sure listeners get what he’s sharing about in his music. The title gives a friendly and relatable vibe, like he’s talking directly to his audience.

2. “8 Saal” (2022) 

Emiway Bantai’s album “8 Saal” features a total of 8 songs. The album was released on August 15, 2022, and includes tracks such as “Mera (Intro),” “Mera,” “8 Saal,” “Kaha Par Hun,” “Pain,” “Focus,” “Haq Hai,” and “Life is Good.

“8 Saal” means “8 Years” in English. Emiway Bantai is probably looking back on his journey and celebrating the time he’s spent in the music world. It’s like he’s saying, “Hey, it’s been eight years, and let’s talk about the experiences and growth during this time.” The title suggests that the song or album is all about his journey and the things he’s learned over these eight years.

3. “King Of The Streets” (2023)

King of the Streets” is an album by the Indian rapper Emiway Bantai. Released in 2023, the album features 17 songs and has a duration of 52 minutes. “King of the Streets” is a cool title that means someone is like the boss in the world of street music, especially in hip-hop. When you call someone the “King of the Streets,” it’s like saying they’re a big deal and a leader in the street or urban music scene. Emiway Bantai being called the “King of the Streets” shows that he’s super important and has a big influence in the world of hip-hop, especially in the streets where this type of music is popular.

How much does Emiway Bantai make a year?

Emiway Bantai Net Worth

As of the latest available information, Emiway Bantai’s precise annual income is not publicly disclosed. However, his estimated net worth is around $4 million as of 2023, which is approximately 39 crore in Indian rupees. Emiway Bantai generates income through various channels, including music sales, live performances, brand endorsements, and monetization from his YouTube channel. His growing popularity and successful career in the music industry have played a significant role in accumulating his net worth. Please note that these figures are estimates, and actual income may very based on various factors.

How many awards Emiway Bantai has won?

Emiway Bantai’s illustrious career has been adorned with a multitude of prestigious music awards, affirming his undeniable impact and recognition in the industry. Among the notable accolades he has received are the Radio City Freedom Award for Best Hip-Hop Artist (People’s Choice) in three consecutive years, 2016, 2017, and 2018.

These accolades collectively underscore Emiway Bantai’s exceptional contributions to the music industry, recognizing not only his talent but also the impact of his music on a broad spectrum of listeners. As he continues to evolve as an artist, each award stands as a testament to the indelible mark he has made in the dynamic and competitive world of hip-hop.

Brand Endorsed by Emiway Bantai

Emiway Bantai has endorsed various brands throughout his career. Some of the brands he has been associated with include:

  1. Realme: Emiway Bantai served as the brand ambassador for Realme, a prominent smartphone brand in India.
  2. Altair Clothing: He has endorsed Altair Clothing, showcasing his association with fashion and apparel.
  3. Bantai Merchandise: In 2018, Emiway Bantai launched his own clothing brand named “Bantai Merchandise.”
  4. Celio India: He has been featured in campaigns for Celio India, a French menswear brand, alongside other popular icons.

Emiway bantai vs Raftaar

In 2018, the Indian hip-hop scene witnessed a dramatic clash between two heavyweights, Emiway Bantai and Raftaar, sparking a heated feud that played out through a series of diss tracks. The rift began when Emiway dropped “Samajh Mein Aaya Kya,” a track that incorporated a clip of Raftaar implying that Emiway wouldn’t achieve significant financial success as an underground artist.

Raftaar swiftly retaliated with “Sheikh Chilli,” accusing Emiway of being inauthentic. This ignited a musical back-and-forth, with both artists engaging in a lyrical war that extended over five diss tracks. Each subsequent release intensified the tension, building upon the verbal sparring of the previous ones.

The diss tracks, including “Bantai,” “Khatam,” and “Giraftaar,” became not only a platform for artistic expression but also a public spectacle, drawing attention from fans and the media alike. The lyrical warfare reached its climax with both artists vehemently defending their positions and calling each other out on various fronts.

The feud, however, concluded after the release of the fifth track. Raftaar, in his final response, labeled Emiway as a “misguided kid” who acted impulsively and could ill afford to back down. This statement marked the end of the intense rivalry, leaving fans to reflect on the impact of this clash of titans in the Indian hip-hop scene.

Emiway bantai vs Krsna

In 2022, the Indian hip-hop scene witnessed a noteworthy clash between two prominent artists, Emiway Bantai and KR$NA, as they engaged in a publicized feud through a series of diss tracks. The feud ignited when KR$NA dropped a track titled “Kala Jadu,” which was perceived by many as a direct diss aimed at Emiway Bantai.

Responding swiftly, Emiway released “Kala Jadu 2,” setting the stage for a back-and-forth exchange of diss tracks between the two artists. The diss tracks, including subsequent releases such as “Bantai,” “Machayenge 2,” and “Main Hoon Desi Rap,” became the battleground for a lyrical showdown that captivated fans and the wider hip-hop community.

As Emiway Bantai and KR$NA redirected their focus towards their individual careers, the 2022 feud left an imprint on the narrative of Indian hip-hop, showcasing the passion, creativity, and competitive spirit that define the genre.

FAQs – Emiway bantai Net Worth

Q: How much does Emiway Bantai earn from Youtube?

Ans: He has around 21 million subscribers which is huge. He earns up to 80 to 95 lakhs per song he makes.

Q: When did Emiway Bantai release his first album?

Ans: He released his first album “Malum Hai Na,” dropped on October 1, 2021.

Q: What is the name of the recent album released by Emiway Bantai?

Ans: Music to be King Of The Streets by is the current album of Eminem which was released in 2023.

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